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We are experts in obtaining all sorts of legal and government documents. Avoid time and hassle and people who take your money and don't perform. We utilize the latest technology and act fast so you can spend your time doing other things. We send our couriers to the government offices of the civil registry (County Clerk / Recorder's Office) where your document was filed / registered to obtain an official copy and send it to you by fax, email and next day Fedex. We can get the following civil registry documents from every municipality in the State of Jalisco: ** Birth Certificates ** Marriage Licenses ** Death Certificates ** Translation of certificates and documents (English and signed and with seal of an official court translator). Prices are plus Courier charges such as Fedex for next day receipt of documents. Typical service times are 1 to 3 business days + depending on workload, holidays and government offices. Prices depend on location, amount of documents, rush or 2 to 3 day service and method to return the information to you. Please call for a free quote. We are a private company and not affiliated with any government office. Tramitamos actas del Registro Civil de todos los municipios del Estado de Jalisco. Servicio rápido para actas de nacimiento / defunción / matrimonio. Contamos con servicio de Perito Traductor. Mandamos todo dentro de 2 a 3 días hábiles a los EEUU, no esperes más! Office / Oficina 376-765-7553 / US VOIP (805)683-4848 Chapala Guadalajara (33)1592-3801 / US VOIP (805)563-3300 Cel 331-556-0828
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